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Little Monsters

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Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Singapore 2012

I actually think I had more fun DIY-ing and preparing for the concert than anything. Still, it was a great first pop-concert and I had my bestest of friends to share it with me.

Hair: Jeremy Yap
Photography: Adeline Chong
Photography direction: Keith Gan
Wardrobe: Models’ own
Hair & make-up: Models’ own

All the harnesses were hand-made by us.


Tiesto at Thirst 2011

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Last weekend we went up to KL to catch Tiesto at Heineken’s Thirst 2011 rave at the Sepang International Circuit. Since it was my first Malaysian rave, I really didn’t know what to expect, I had set my expectations to level with Zoukout. I don’t think it was any coincidence that Thirst just happened to be on the same night as Zoukout either. I was really pleasantly surprised when we got there. Okay, so the organisation was not as good as Zoukout, the ticket collection counter was a small shack that had a crowd of people jostling to get their tickets, and there definitely weren’t as many toilets. But the crowd was really really refreshing. People were pleasant and polite. No one elbowed me to get through. People even apologised for bumping me, and this guy gave up his spot up for Weiming when he wanted to rest. It was the first time that I realised that Malaysians were actually much more civilised than Singaporeans. I don’t understand how a country as modern and developed as ours can have people that are so bad-mannered and rude.

But anyways, back to the rave. Tiesto really didn’t let us down. It was the first time in my life that I raved for four hours completely sober – I didn’t want to drink cause that would mean I’d have to use the bathroom – and I think I enjoyed it even more than I would’ve drunk. I know this sounds cheesy but I really have never felt more alive than in that three hours of my life. His music just moves you, you have absolutely no control over your body when he plays. We went so hard for four straight hours (including Blink’s set) that we were sweating buckets, and there was really no time to rest. I genuinely felt like it required more endurance than a marathon. But it was a fucking fucking fucking enjoyable marathon.


And the people that made it 10,000 times more fun. I’m so fucking proud of the adults for raving with us. It still amazes me that our age group ranges from 21 to 50 and yet we can do things like Thirst together. I also can’t express just how great it feels to come back from a weekend full of so much love from these guys, it’s really what makes staying in Singapore so bearable. LOVE!!!

P/S: Some photos are from Hock’s album.


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Stockholm to me was a bit like a combination of cities. The metropolitan side of it felt much like Singapore, but the old town reminded me of Prague. You could wander about and find yourself immersed in centuries of historical architecture – old buildings, sculptures and castles; walk about a hundred metres down the road and suddenly you’re in a different world – shiny buildings with the fingerprint of modern, Scandinavian design everywhere and H&M on every corner.

I did kinda regret not getting a bike in Stockholm – the hostel would only lend them out for four hours a day and the nearest bike rental shop was not all that near. The good thing is that Stockholm is made up of several small islands, all within walking distance of each other, so getting around wasn’t all that difficult. Plus the hostel was really central.

Sunset over the main island from Skeppsholmen.

Skeppsholmen (museum island) and Kastellholmen.

Words from Martin Bogren that made me think about my constant love-hate relationship with home.

Caught Nick Brandt’s exhibition at the Fotografiska Museet.

The famed Stockholm Public Library and Skeppsholmen.

The Modern Art Museum

Gamla Stan (Old Town) and the view from the Fotografiska Museet.

And Happy Socks!


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Some shots from my recent trip to Copenhagen. I think Denmark was my favourite country out of the four. Copenhagen was like the city that could do know wrong. Their standard for everything just seems incredibly high. The average food, fashion, design and lifestyle appeared to sit comfortably above the rest of the world. There was just no chance that you could go out for a wander and not enjoy yourself.

(Click image to enlarge)

The touristy postcard-perfect Nyhavn.

The supercute Royal Cafe.

Some local food, Smørrebrød and Danish design.

Stumbled upon a food market where I had some amazing tapas and wine.

Christiana – the free state in Denmark. Essentially just an area for “artists” to roam around and smoke pot.

Democratic Coffee Bar, which is also part of the city’s public library.

And a really cute bike!


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(Click here to view full image)

Hamburg was probably the first point where I started to feel a little lonely traveling alone. Compared to the bustling, crowded, Amsterdam, Hamburg was like the pretty, quiet cousin. Even the hostel was tucked away and uneventful. Spent most of my time wandering around the city by foot, which was actually quite enjoyable.

(A really cool donation spot for unwanted clothes)


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So, a full day of work, a 12-hour flight and two hours of navigating the airport and rail system later and I’d finally arrived in Amsterdam city. It wasn’t too bad really, I did get off at the wrong train station at one point, but I made it to the hostel in one piece. Mei had just arrived about 15 minutes before me. The hostel was cool, right in the middle of the red-light district. There was a pub downstairs full of people drinking at 9am. Like.

Amsterdam was great. Mei and I spent Saturday cycling around the city on our Yellow Bikes and lying in the sun in Vondelpark. The weather was amazing too, a clear sunny sky and 24 degrees, we gladly ditched our warm clothes for shorts. The sky was so blue, and the park was alive with all kinds of people, topless, sun-tanning groups, families having picnics and barbecues. And the smell of weed was just omnipresent everywhere you went.

Amsterdam was like a prettier Venice, with gorgeous canals filled with people just cruising along in their boats, beers in hand and on-board barbecues lit. It’s really quite a lovely place.

(Click here for full image)

(Westergasfabrik, a disused gas fabric plant converted into a club)


(Cafes in the Nine Streets)

(Shops everywhere selling weed, shrooms and herbal drugs)

(The Amsterdam public library)

(Lunch in the designer-y north Amsterdam with Leon Dijkstra)

(FEBO, where you can buy meals out of vending machines O_O)

(The boys arrived on Sunday from London!)


The Heygate Estate

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In the past two weeks living at Elephant & Castle, I’ve really come to enjoy my scenic detours through the abandoned Heygate Estate between Patrick & Afsar’s house and the underground station. The first couplea times coming home after dark I was literally shitting myself walking through here alone. My sister and I even nicknamed this the Death Route. After awhile though, I kinda realised that I was just being a scared, sheltered, Singaporean.

I love how quiet this place is. It’s almost like a tiny tiny glimpse into what Chernobyl would look like – or how I imagined it to look like – abandoned, empty and haphazardly packed up. Little bits of household objects and rubbish litter the place, giving some perspective to the previous inhabitants.

The Heygate Estate, once notorious for crime and gang activity, was the first council estate built in England in the 1970s. Now, 1200 deserted homes remain, waiting to be torn down. I hope they don’t though.

Today’s Soup of the Day: Tequila

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Here’s to a very happy birthday for our super-awesome creative director, Karen! We got her silver Patron tequila with a matching mini-bottle, Furnished with ribbons, salted shot glasses, little lemon slices with flags, a Soup of the Day board and a custom-made card.

(Celebratory drinks after!)

Much love from the Manics!

The Steeping Room

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Last month I went down to The Steeping Room to catch them a week before they shut down. I was curious to see what a local pop-up store would have to offer, especially since the pop-up concept hasn’t quite caught on here yet. The result was a tiny set-up in an old building on Waterloo Street. The little room was done up in minimal fashion, but it was air-conditioned and comfortable. A set of long, narrow benches lined the window for waiting customers while a six-seat coffee bar stood in the centre of the room. The two baristas were friendly and welcoming. We had to wait our turn, due to the lack of seats, but I didn’t really mind.

The thing I really liked about the Steeping Room was that it was all about the coffee. The place was unpretentious; it was not over-designed like I expected it to be. It looked like just enough thought had been put into the place. The baristas, Chloe and Marvyn, were confident and had an obvious passion for coffee, they took the time to explain their methods and beans and could answer all our questions without skipping a beat.

(Chloe preparing coffee with a Hario Siphon over a butane burner)

(Chemex-dripped coffee made by Marvyn)

Both the boys had Hawaii Ka’u beans prepared in two different methods. Ben had his pressure-infused with a Hario Siphon over an awesome-looking butane burner while Cheeyi had Chemex-dripped coffee. The point was for us to compare the two results. The Hario Siphon coffee was a clear winner – the coffee was full and it had a lovely roasted flavour to it. The Chemex-dripped coffee on the other hand, was a little too light for our liking.

On a side note, I really liked that Chloe and Marvyn took their service a step further when Ben scalded his tongue on his coffee by offering us sparkling water from their private stash. After that, they also offered Cheeyi a small sample of his coffee in a shot glass while he waited for his it to cool. It was a really thoughtful touch that’s rare in local service.

Also FYI, that great little butane burner is made by a brand called Hotery. Theirs was bought from Jakarta.

The Steeping Room is a project by Papa Palheta, it was open for three months from May to July 2011.

I went to Taipei and brought back some gifs

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Our super nom nom nom dinner at 33 Rooms. We had an unknown number of courses that included a huge alaskan crab.

Our Indian friend being Indian.

Somehow Priya is always the star of the show.

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