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My friends are my natural antidepressants

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W: Seriously, why are there so many ugly people around?
M: Check the bible lah. Maybe they explain it in there.
M: God is a funny girl.


This is real love

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Meet my best friends in the whole wide world. They’re the funniest people I know, they’re mental and they look awesome on my desktop! I honestly don’t know how I lived without them for six months.

Left to right: Myself, my fairy godmother (Hock), my Fuck Yeah Indian Friend (Priya), the Pinoy princess (Mavis) and the tranny (Weiming).

Photo by Mavis.

This country is giving me massive soul ache

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“I’m proud to be Singaporean, but Singapore is not where I want to live.” – Mavis

I couldn’t have said it better.



The Holi party

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For my dearest Indian friend’s birthday, we decided to throw a Holi-themed party. But instead of throwing bright coloured powder at each other, we decided to wear colourful leggings and a black (also Indian-themed) DIY top. We had a fantastic time just being complete camera whores, laughing our asses off, drinking and just genuinely enjoying each others’ company. I love these guys so much. :D

(The Singapore girls)

(The blue crew and the red-ish crew)

(Rozz gave Priya an amazing corset as a present. Hard to believe that this is the same girl eh?)

(Jeremy & Mavis looking very avant garde with their square shoulder pads)

(Viv & Keith)

(DIYed my top with electroluminescent wire)

(CMYK. Hurhur..)

(Morning fashion shoot)

(Dancing to Tarzan and Jane)

(My wife!)


(Godparents <3)

Happy birthday, Priya. Love you long long!!!

Faithless + Friendly Fires live at Fort Canning

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Another late post. Faithless + Friendly Fires were srsly wicked. I like that they used the smaller venue at Fort Canning, it was cosier and we got so close to the front of the stage. Ed Macfarlane even jumped over the divider to dance with the crowd. I ran forward to hug him and ended up chest-bumping him. It was nice. lol

And even though the two bands are quite different, they were both really fucking enjoyable. Faithless was really hard and diu diu. We danced and raved until we were sweating all over. Been a long time since I raved that hard at a live gig. LOVE it.

Turning 24

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I know it’s late but here’s the post on my epic 24th birthday party in KL. It was a joint ‘princess’ themed party with Colin & Kieran that lasted about 3 days. I love that the whole weekend was full of alcohol, performances, nudity and abt 72 hours of constant laughter. I fucken love how mad my friends are.

Turning 24 has been pretty fucken epic and I know exactly who to thank for.

Left: Ariel and the two geishas. Right: Princess Leia and the two geishas.

Clockwise from the bottom left: Sleeping Beauty, some Nonya princess, Ariel, Lady Gaga, Princess Leia, Sailormaid, a greek goddess, Snow Black & a pop princess.

Ariel again. I like that Lady Gaga is flashing her panties in the background.

Only the most awesome godparents in the world.

Sleeping Beauty.

The bit where everyone started stripping. The nipple tassels were a hit.

Sunday morning before going home ):



Priya wins.


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Maturity from Miss @angiwen. I like.


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December on film

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Isis – Only the cutest baby in the world.

More pictures from my time away/back in December.  It was the most perfect ending to 2010, and the greatest beginning to 2011. 2010 was really the most awesome year of my life.. I’m so fucking glad for everyone that I love, so much so that I can’t really imagine how I lived without them before. It’s incredible how many new friends I made in 2010 and just how dearly I hold them to my heart. I fucking love you bitches!

Jeremy (Turtle)

Colin <3

Sunrise from Colin’s.

Sunset from Colin’s.

An elephant appeared at a chicken rice stall in Hat Yai.

I cannot believe how much I love these two fuckers – Mummy (above) and Daddy (below).

Shot off a roll of expired Velvia slides on my Yashica – no editing done – not too bad apart from the fact tt the shop cross-processed them. More pics on FB.

Why are we so ugly…?

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Mavis makes a good blow up doll.

Priya does not.

It is amazing how ugly we can get. And even more amazing how much we love being ugly.

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