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DIY namecards for a wannabe nomad designer

Posted in Arty, Handmade, Is it Nice..?, Work by Ade Chong on September 18, 2011

At some point this year, I decided that it was time I start updating my own personal brand. Not that I’m shopping for jobs or anything, it’s just that is no longer good enough for me. It’s just a plain WordPress template (cause I’m a coding dinosaur) and I don’t have any personal cards to give away. BUT. All that is about to change, and this is the first step; my brand new DIY namecards.

The main drive for this sudden spurt of effort is my upcoming trip to Europe. Since I’ll be meeting up with some local designers and hopefully, random new friends, I thought it would be nice if I could leave them with something. So I came up with these – a set of cards that are versatile enough for me. Inspired by another project that I was working on, the ‘field notes’ section on the back is a blank space where I can – hopefully – write about my memorable experience with the people I met. I also left an extra line on the front of the card for an alternate contact method (foreign mobile number/Facebook url etc), depending on the circumstances of our encounter.

As for the nerdy, crafty details, I bought A4 grey cards from Fancy Paper, cut them to size by hand and edge painted them with neon red paint. Each card is hand-stamped with custom rubber stamps on both the front and back. The result is a block of cards that are – quite literally – a little rough around the edges. The grey card’s texture causes the stamped ink to look distressed, and the red edges are slightly frayed. But I love the personality of it, it’s very accurate to who I am.

So, there you have it, a multi-purpose set of namecards for a wannabe nomad designer!

Check them out on Behance!


Ix’s giant origami crane

Posted in Handmade, Is it Nice..?, Videos by Ade Chong on July 3, 2011

Went up to KL for the weekend for Ix’s birthday and spent Friday night helping out with the props for the Heritage Festival this year. We spent quite a bit of time rehearsing how to fold Ix’s giant origami crane – which he designed himself.

The entire crane consists of 12 panels and can be folded and flat-packed into a 1.5m x 0.7m board, great for transportation. And all you need to put it together is fold it. Brilliant.

Working out the mechanics of the crane. Also have a video of them working out the best way to erect the crane. I love how we got distracted halfway through and started raving. lol

Postcards To My Peeps by Carolyn Sewell

Posted in Handmade, Illustrations, Is it Nice..?, Typography by Ade Chong on March 27, 2011

Just came across these handdrawn postcards by Carolyn Sewell. Cute, funny, lovely and most importantly, true. Check out the rest on her Flickr.

Check out the rest on her Flickr.

DIY Night – Weaved bracelets

Posted in Arty, DIY, Fashion, Handmade, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on March 18, 2011

Made these weaved bracelets last night based on this tutorial. I know it’s not as chio cos this is our first attempt, and we can’t find the nice big flat chains, but I’m still really stoked with the result.

Took us quite awhile to master the weaving (took Priya like 2 hours to get it), but once we got the hang of it it was really easy!

Priya‘s bracelet, and a better view of the chain detail. Should check out her DIY leather earrings too, pretty lovely!

Mavis‘s black and pink weaves, very well done. Plus this is her first ever DIY piece!

Lol Viv was too lazy to weave it properly. The orange string looks awesome with the turquoise skulls though. And the jade bracelet :p

Viv also customised my howlite bracelet by adding three skulls to it. Rly loving it!

DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet

Posted in Fashion, Handmade, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on February 23, 2011

Srsly gotta try making this one of these days, it looks super easy! It’s essentially just braiding the bolts in. Check out the full tutorial here.

Check out the full tutorial here.

You give me that funny feeling

Posted in Handmade, Is it Nice..?, Typography by Ade Chong on February 16, 2011

It’s great.

via Friendsoftype

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig – Elektrotechnique

Posted in Handmade, Is it Nice..?, Music, Videos by Ade Chong on February 12, 2011

An inspiring series of domestic sex machines to accompany the new Dutch band De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig single, Elektrotechnique. Made by Lernert and Sander.

Fucken love it.

From Blinkart via @Medjhai

DIY Cutout Flintstones Tee

Posted in Arty, Fashion, Handmade, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on February 8, 2011

Went shopping with Mummy the other day and bought some super cheap Muji men’s tees (3 for $19) on Jon’s recommendation. Got home early today and instead of getting some much deserved rest, I decided to be itchy hand and have a go at cutting up one of the tees. Quite pleased with the result! There was pretty much zero planning involved, just abt 1 hour of trial an error.

I hereby declare this style a ‘Cutout Flintstones Tee’. Please feel free to try it yourself, this is defo a super-simple DIY project even for novices, so much so that I don’t even feel the need to type out a tutorial. Do send me some pics if you do, though! (:

Also spent close to 4 hours at Memoriesecho today, bought some really nice crystals.. Just converted a sandstone pendulum into an ear ring. Also bought a really pretty clear crystal tt I’m planning to make into a pendant soon.. Will post up some pics when it’s done!

Knitting Kills

Posted in Arty, Handmade, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on June 9, 2010

Ahhhhh! These crochet cigarettes by Kate Jenkins from AgencyRush have to be the cutest thing ever! Kate’s art has brought everyday objects like fags, matches and a jar of jam to life. Check out more of her stuff here!

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