Is it nice..?


Posted in Is it Nice..?, Photoblog! by Ade Chong on November 23, 2011

Stockholm to me was a bit like a combination of cities. The metropolitan side of it felt much like Singapore, but the old town reminded me of Prague. You could wander about and find yourself immersed in centuries of historical architecture – old buildings, sculptures and castles; walk about a hundred metres down the road and suddenly you’re in a different world – shiny buildings with the fingerprint of modern, Scandinavian design everywhere and H&M on every corner.

I did kinda regret not getting a bike in Stockholm – the hostel would only lend them out for four hours a day and the nearest bike rental shop was not all that near. The good thing is that Stockholm is made up of several small islands, all within walking distance of each other, so getting around wasn’t all that difficult. Plus the hostel was really central.

Sunset over the main island from Skeppsholmen.

Skeppsholmen (museum island) and Kastellholmen.

Words from Martin Bogren that made me think about my constant love-hate relationship with home.

Caught Nick Brandt’s exhibition at the Fotografiska Museet.

The famed Stockholm Public Library and Skeppsholmen.

The Modern Art Museum

Gamla Stan (Old Town) and the view from the Fotografiska Museet.

And Happy Socks!


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