Is it nice..?

I dreamt I shredded a navy blue Issey Miyake Pleats Please sweater for a cold cuts platter

Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on July 15, 2011

Last night I dreamt that I had a very close friend and father figure who was some high flyer. He was throwing a party, and he bought a nine-seater convertible stretch BMW. It was champagne-coloured and had three rows of three seats and an elongated boot (the boot itself was like two-metres long – I remember thinking it looked like a coffin). The front seat was much like a truck/van – it had a sofa-like seat that ran across the width of the car, without the gear stick in the middle. The seats were made of super soft, tan leather. The steering wheel was on the left. I remember riding in the back with the top down, thinking about how ridiculous a convertible stretch BMW was.

When we arrived at his house, he drove the car in – the garage opened into the house. On the inside, there were massive, tall ceilings with lots of natural light. The house had a lot of wood and even a small tree in the middle. Straight away, you could see the whole house, the living room, the kitchen, bar, dining area; only the bedrooms were tucked away. (I even remember how the house came to my mind, from this reference, just that the one in my dream was bigger and more modern).

After that, I was assigned to help prepare the food for the party. My most important job, was shredding a navy blue Issey Miyake Pleats Please sweater for the cold cuts platter. I remember trying a piece, it tasted damn good. The texture was like dried seaweed, but springier. It was a party for a who’s who kinda crowd, so I guess the Pleats Please cold cuts were an extravagant alternative to ham.

It was kind of funny. I spent the remaining part of my dream chatting with this friend while sitting on the floor, shredding a sweater and arranging it on a platter.


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