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Picture Perfect

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Photography by Ade Chong on June 9, 2011

(The body of a man found in Fukushima after the tsunami – by Donald Weber)

I came across this post from FucknFilthy the other day at work and bookmarked it because of the photos in his post. Some of those photos stopped me in my tracks and some I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from.

Picture Perfect is a documentary series by Vice that delves into the lives of some amazing, world renowned photographers. These three episodes follow Stefan RuizDonald Weber & Rob Hornstra around the world.

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to open your eyes to the world, or even just to hear a good story.

Donald Weber

I love photography, but I’m not really interested in a picture. There’s a difference between pictures of something, and pictures  about something. And I want to make pictures about something.

(Criminals and ex-mobsters, Ukraine/Russia – by Donald Weber)

(Chernobyl – by Donald Weber)

Stefan Ruiz

At the end of the day, I still think that (my) work should work on a lot of different levels – it should be interesting to look at; it should be technically well done; the subject itself, hopefully, has got a political thing. Maybe the photo makes you think about something, maybe it’s not just eye candy – it’s not just a “one idea” thing.

(Rene Vallejo Psychiatric Hospital, Camaguey, Cuba – by Stefan Ruiz)

(Lukole Refugee Camp, Tanzania – by Stefan Ruiz)

(Emergency Room, CHU de Rouen, Rouen, France – by Stefan Ruiz)

(Hanging – by Stefan Ruiz)

(Homes – by Stefan Ruiz)

Rob Hornstra

I am always interested in other people and how other people think about other people. So what I try to do in photography is (t0) play with this prejudice. I don’t want to say to people, “you are wrong”, or “your idea of other people is wrong”, I also don’t want to say “you are right”, but I just want people to think about it.

(The old in Russia – by Rob Hornstra)

(The young in Russia – by Rob Hornstra)

(101 Billionaires – A book by Rob Hornstra – made during a time where there were 101 billionaires in Russia)

Via FucknFilthy.


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