Is it nice..?

The Holi party

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..?, Photoblog! by Ade Chong on June 6, 2011

For my dearest Indian friend’s birthday, we decided to throw a Holi-themed party. But instead of throwing bright coloured powder at each other, we decided to wear colourful leggings and a black (also Indian-themed) DIY top. We had a fantastic time just being complete camera whores, laughing our asses off, drinking and just genuinely enjoying each others’ company. I love these guys so much. :D

(The Singapore girls)

(The blue crew and the red-ish crew)

(Rozz gave Priya an amazing corset as a present. Hard to believe that this is the same girl eh?)

(Jeremy & Mavis looking very avant garde with their square shoulder pads)

(Viv & Keith)

(DIYed my top with electroluminescent wire)

(CMYK. Hurhur..)

(Morning fashion shoot)

(Dancing to Tarzan and Jane)

(My wife!)


(Godparents <3)

Happy birthday, Priya. Love you long long!!!


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