Is it nice..?

Mao Mao & Miu Miu

Posted in Arty, Is it Nice..?, Photoblog!, Photography by Ade Chong on March 17, 2011

Been spending a lot of time at Hock’s and Viv’s these days, so naturally I’ve been collecting photos of Miu Miu and Mao Mao. Finally got the time to put them up!

Above & below: Miu Miu

Above & below: One of the rare moments when Mao Mao let us play with her.

Mao Mao looking deceivingly innocent. She kinda reminds me of Ninja Cat here.

Miu Miu chilling out in the afternoon while we were painting the house.


P/S: Miu Miu and Mao Mao aren’t related and they don’t live together.


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