Is it nice..?

Turning 24

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on March 7, 2011

I know it’s late but here’s the post on my epic 24th birthday party in KL. It was a joint ‘princess’ themed party with Colin & Kieran that lasted about 3 days. I love that the whole weekend was full of alcohol, performances, nudity and abt 72 hours of constant laughter. I fucken love how mad my friends are.

Turning 24 has been pretty fucken epic and I know exactly who to thank for.

Left: Ariel and the two geishas. Right: Princess Leia and the two geishas.

Clockwise from the bottom left: Sleeping Beauty, some Nonya princess, Ariel, Lady Gaga, Princess Leia, Sailormaid, a greek goddess, Snow Black & a pop princess.

Ariel again. I like that Lady Gaga is flashing her panties in the background.

Only the most awesome godparents in the world.

Sleeping Beauty.

The bit where everyone started stripping. The nipple tassels were a hit.

Sunday morning before going home ):



Priya wins.


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