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Nov Quotes

Posted in Quotes by Ade Chong on December 5, 2010

Quotes from our weekend away in Kent!

Ade: Your mum’s face is Paranormal Activity.

Andrew: Let’s have a snowball fight!
Chris: Can’t we all just fuck each other instead?

Ade: I feel like I should kill myself. As punishment for being fat.

Sarah: Ok, it’s table condiments!
Afsar: Sauce! Chilli!!!

Sarah: He’s a really famous British guy! He’s got one leg. He has a monument in England.
Boys: Who the fuck is it?
Sarah: Napoleon!
Boys: Napoleon’s not fucking British!

Sukyee: The first part is, it’s made from the same thing as sausages. The second part is, when you make fun of people.
Boys: What………?
Sukyee: It’s a hammock!!

Bayo: It’s what Nikhil does when he has sex with girls.
Everyone: Gives them STDs! Impregnating! Infecting!

Sukyee: Bayo, you’re like the at the bottom of the evolutionary chain (because he’s black).

Steph: Omg, we finally found someone lower than Bayo. Sarah!

(Mash as Lady Gaga)
Andrew: If you could have sex with anyone right now, who would it me?
Mash: Michael Jackson’s dead body.

Sukyee: Look at that, there’s like so much trash all just lined up against the wall.
Nikhil: It’s Afsar’s family.


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