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Berlin: If these photos look random, it’s only cause they are.

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Photoblog! by Ade Chong on November 16, 2010

The only German-English dictionary I needed.

Berlin only succeeded at tripping me out. One minute we’re looking at some stunning sight, the next we’re drunk. We spent all our time there bouncing back and forth between stuffing our faces, sightseeing, getting drunk, being inappropriately loud/humourous, napping and partying the fuck out.

Let’s get WW2 out of the way.

I appreciated the architecture at the Jewish (Holocaust) Museum way more than the actual contents of the museum. Some of it was interesting, but most of it was just artefacts owned by the victims.. things like letters and violins and Jewish household objects.

As usual, we could not take serious things seriously.

The memorial for Holocaust victims.

We were asked to make a wish and hang it on the wishing tree.

Some modern art.

As pretentious and emo as this looks, it was actually put up right next to a massive blown-up screenshot of a Craigslist sex ad. Saw this at a small local gallery, really wanted to go in and take pictures cos it looked fuckin’ awesome, but no one seemed to be around. There were loads of little art installations around Berlin that we randomly stumbled upon too, which was really cool.

The Food – Good Food:

Aaaawesome German sausages, mash and sauerkraut. To be fair, nearly every we ate in Berlin could be classified as good food, aside from the one case of…

Bad food:

Very ambiguous pork leg or knuckle that vaguely resembled a failed abortion. Srsly.. the meat itself tasted quite good, but it’s just hard to enjoy eating something that looks like it’s not entirely dead yet.

Sightseeing – Nearly everything is WW2 related

Brandenburg gate. Thanks to the lack of daylight (sunset at 4pm), we did most of our sightseeing by night.

Taking the Jewish war memorial very seriously.

Architecture – Buildings CAN rape my eyes.

There were loads of great buildings along the river.. this one was next to the High Court.

The nightlife – Oh fuck yes.

Apart from a slightly disappointing first night of dubsep, the techno capital of the world did not disappoint me. I just wish we had more time to cover more of the clubs.

By a stroke of luck, we caught Jamie XX at Maria. The club itself was really fuckin’ cool.. it’s in an old converted warehouse, very grimy and unpretentious. Jamie was a little disappointing though, he was quite obviously trying to cater to the crowd, which was like.. generic dubstep. So shitty wok! It’s a shame cause I’m such a huuuge fan of his. I think I just need to see him somewhere else.

My Berlin crew! <3

We were so bored waiting for Jamie to come on that we decided to entertain ourselves.


Other random bits.

The East Side Gallery: Parts of the Berlin wall were put together and ‘donated’ to local artists to showcase their work.

They sold Daim cakes at the supermarket by the box!!!


Sobriety is not welcome here.

I. Fucking. Love that you can drink everywhere in Berlin. Here we are doing DIY Jagerbombs and beer at the famous Bratwurst place (Curry) near our house.

At supermarkets, they have the regular 500ml beers and they have 1 liter beer cans. Not only that, they have 29 cent beers!!! That’s 6 beers for every client I service!!!


Srsly, it’s so fucking strange and awesome to see everyone on the subway drinking.

Watergate Club: Yet another sick club.. Watergate’s a two-storey club that sits right on the edge of the river with floor-to-ceiling windows along one side. The music was awesome and everyone in there was good-looking. We spent most of the night going “I would” every 5 seconds.

Berghain/Panorama Bar

(Cameras were not allowed so I got these pictures from Google)

Around 4am on our last night, we hopped over to the (in)famous Berghain/Panorama Bar. Berghain’s a fucking massive industrial factory converted into a nightclub. You can tell right from the start that it’s not a touristy club. From the outside, it looks like an imposing, dusty warehouse. The bouncers were rejecting people by the dozens at the door and inside it was dark, dirty and the music was fucking hard. Cameras were confiscated and swapped for tags to avoid any pictures of sex or drug abuse going on in the club. I quote from wikipedia:

Berghain has a strong reputation for decadence and hedonism; a New Zealand Herald article describes “people openly indulging in sexual acts” inside the club, and the basement contains a dark room specifically set aside for that purpose.

The fact that the bouncers were so selective really did annoy the fuck out of us tho’. We had half a mind to tell them to go fuck themselves after they let us in .. but the music was too tempting. The venue itself was really quite epic, the main room is this 18-metre-high space made of mostly steel and concrete, packed with a variety of topless scary S&M-looking gay men and intense ravers. It was such a unique experience.

Berghain is known to stay open up to 6pm the next day as well.. unfortunately, we had to fly back at 9am. The journey back was like death.


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