Is it nice..?

Quotes 26/9

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Quotes by Ade Chong on September 26, 2010

Had a massive debate at our housewarming party with some random guy about Stan’s Dad vs. Butters – Stan’s Dad ftw! – after which he dragged me out onto the balcony to talk. I went like:

Guy: Ok, I just wanted to say that, I’m really sorry.
Guy: Everyone thinks I’m a complete dick for coming here, being a guest, and getting into a huge argument with you.
Me: HAHAHA it’s OK, come on, we were quite obviously just taking the piss out of each other.
Guy: I know but, ok. I’ll just say, Stan’s dad wins. I concede.
Me: Yeah of course. He’s way awesomer than Butters.
Guy: Yes, and.. I’m genuinely sorry.
Me: It’s cool.
Guy: Ok, we’re good yeah? So now that that’s out of the way,
Guy: Will you have sex with me?
Me: What?! NO!
Guy: Just wanted to put it out there.
Guy: So.. no?
Me: No.
Guy: Okay, no.
Me: Yeah, NO.
Guy: Okay.

Unni: This tastes better than sand.

Me: Where the fuck are we?!
Unni: Oh shit! I actually recognise this area
Me: You know what that is? That’s sobriety, right there.

Random guy at a club:
Guy: Can I just ask, where are you from?
Me: Singapore
Me: Uhh.. ok thanks.
Guy: Hey, how can I get an oriental chick?
Me: You need $2.


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