Is it nice..?

Just like old times

Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on August 20, 2010

Made a superawesome reunion dinner for the family (mei counts ok!) last night. Finally managed to get everyone together at the same time and it was pretty nice, even though it was only abt an hour and a half before Mei & I had to run off for drinks. See how we’ve got a proper kitchen and dining table now? Me likey.

So… on to more serious things. London has honestly been such a haze. There’s just always something to do and time really fckn flies here. But sometimes when I do get a quiet moment and reflect, I still feel like this whole experience is so surreal. I mean.. the idea of leaving sg was practically planted in my head from the day I was born. And everything has just been leading up to this. And considering that this whole plan was self-generated, I guess I always had it in my head that I would do some rubbish job, have fun, run out of money, beg my parents for a loan, be a hobo and then head back to sg once my visa expires. Essentially, I always had it in my head that the idea of failing, gracefully or not, was an eventuality.

I think it only just clicked, after I had a proper talk with my boss the other day, that I am actually living here, surviving even. I’m paying rent and on my own two feet and all in a foreign country. How weird is that? It suddenly dawned on me that everything has just been kind of, unfolding in front of me in a very good way. And it’s made me feel like I’m just.. incredibly lucky. In fact, I’m starting to think I’ve just been incredibly lucky all my life. I’m grateful for everyone I know and everything I have (especially my Mum). And of course, even though I’m paying her back for everything, I have to be fucking grateful for my sister’s couch, and for all the immeasurable support from everyone.

But. Before I start praising the lord for all this awesomeness, I have to say that it is mildly frustrating to be so fckn ambivalent all the time. Though I’m sure most of you who live overseas are way more familiar with these feelings than I am, being stuck between two places. But ah well.. it’s not like I didn’t see it coming. And this is kind of what I wanted, to be a gypsy of sorts. lol I am quite stoked to start traveling though, now that I’ve sorted things out a bit.

Next stop: Istanbul + Berlin!

P/S: Kinda keen to try traveling alone as well. I feel quite inspired by Mei!


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