Is it nice..?

David comes to London!!!

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Photoblog! by Ade Chong on July 31, 2010

Fyeaaaaaah!! David touched down early-ish yesterday morning-noon. Went and got ourselves mildly high while we walked around Brick Lane (my third time there in 3 weeks) and eventually retired to this pretty cool bar called Dragon. On one hand, it felt like we – like Mavis – had just last seen each other yesterday, but on the other, it was just so surreal that we were reuniting in London (:

Like my verjay.

Kitty in the record rack.

David trying to stay awake. HAHAHA

Havin a pub dinner in Camden

The queue at Proud, who had this pretty ridiculous rule of not letting in any guys who weren’t accompanied by a girl.

Nikesh doing his thing.

Hometown suppooorrttt! (Actually after almost a month here, I realised that Tiger does in fact, taste like shit.)

I think my scale of how close a friend is = how ugly they can get.

Steph and her ‘non-boyfriend’, Marco.

David reeeeeeeelin’ it in.

David, Steph & Marco showing me how to dance to D&B.

Maaan.. how many people can say they still hang with their primary school friends?

… and do shit like this?

Apparently the best kebabs in London.

That’s just how we roll.

More photos from the day/night here! (limited to ‘friends only’)

That being said, I also woke up this morning, had breakfast and cracked open a fresh can of beer without even thinking about it. I’m becoming such an alkie. Nikesh’s booked out Jewel bar/club tonight for his birthday as well. Open champagne bar. Woooooh!!!


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