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To go away on a summer’s day never seemed so clear

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..?, Photoblog! by Ade Chong on July 26, 2010

First of all.. I think CBCO should be fckn proud of me because a) I found people who love making themselves ugly, b) I taught them our melty faces! and c) I’ve found some aaaace under – and above – ground clubs to party at when my crew comes to visit. So here’s this week’s update of my latest London adventures.

I’m also seriously considering setting up a separate blog/tumblr like The Sartorialist or Face Hunter. Not cause I’m a wannabe, – tho’ I am a huuuuuge fan of The Sartorialist – but because I genuinely have been chasing random people around and asking to photograph them. I just can’t help it when I see a well-dressed person! And there are loads of them around. Only thing is my camera got majorly fucked while I was out with the boys so about 75% of my photos are out of focus. Will steal Steph’s camera for the week and prolly get something proper set up when David comes into town with a new camera for me :D :D :D

Orite so here’s this weekend’s update! I’ve also put up yet another Vampire Weekend song for this update’s soundtrack. Sorry ’bout the overload of Vamp Weekend but this song just suits my mood right now (:


  1. Please be prepared for a super-long post
  2. Sorry if the pics are out of focus cos my cam’s shit right now.

Party at The Lexi w. James & co!

Had an impromptu house party catching up with some much loved old friends – and some new ones – at ours followed by drinks at The Lexi!

His ugly face damn fail lah.. act pretty only.

James & Vailan! Much love there!!

I was supposed to be the cover guy on Esquire and James was supposed to be the cover girl on FHM.

Attempt #2 was much better.


Nikesh’s BBQ at Pinner (Basically really far away)

Everyone watching Bio attack a coconut. Nikesh’s family’s from Africa and they actually had these coconuts air-flown in from there. Inssaaaane.

Left to right, Steph, Sarah, Nikesh and Shwin.

Nikesh & his mum, whom in my opinion has to be the coolest mum in the world (she was alr drunk by the time we got there).

The cool/kids corner. I actually went round this circle 10 times – not lying – trying to memorise names. MUCH EFFORT!

Left to right: (Don’t remember her name gah!), Anita, Afsa & some really hot supermodel.

They hired professional dancers to teach us bollywood-style dancing. hurrr

The girls bullied Nikil (guy in white) into joining the girls’ side.

Getting the train back to London!

My lovely sister and Nikil passed out on the underground.

Sort-of-after-paaarty near London Bridge w. Fourtet and more!

Fuck I don’t remember the name of the club. But it’s pretty awesome.. kickass lights and all. I will find out the name of it again soon!

D&B dj who was preeeeetty sweet!

Fourtet who was soooo worth seeing for the second time!

The last standing party people!! (See how f-ed my camera is?)

And some Sunday randomness!

Apparently that door there is the main entrance to an underground club. As in .. an actual underground club. It’s in the London Bridge tube station. O_O

Took a shot of this at the Brick Lane market specifically for Jonathan Chia.

My first Sartorialistic shot. Wish it wasn’t out of focus though.. ):

Some suuuuupercute gayboys! SRSLY FUCK MY CAMERA CB!

Bought myself a pity present at the Brick Lane market (to comfort myself for being the stupidest person in the world).. 30 quid for vintage crocodile skin shoes. Fucking painful buy but ahhhh they are so beautiful!!!


Some Skype-shots of some of my superawesomelovedones! MISS U ALL LIKE AN EXTREMELY BAD CUM SHOT. There is honestly nothing else that makes me as happy as these guys (:

You have to be the ugliest filipino maid in the world, Mavis.

Having a pretty serious chat with Sally. Can u not tell? Love the scarf btw. And the hair’s looking good too.

Ok I’m out. Gotta be up in a few hours to run errands. I’m pretty much being Steph’s maid/PA to pay for rent right now. Night and LOVE TO ALL!!!


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