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Things that give my man-brain an erection

Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on July 21, 2010

Is it wrong that I’m extremely turned on by these pre-released promo photos from the upcoming Tron Legacy film?

I have to admit that M0o & I watched the original Tron (1982) for the first time last weekend and it only succeeded at confusing our intoxicated minds. The movie was a combination of what-the-fuck-is-going-on and o-m-g-eyegasm! And does anyone else think that The Matrix completely stole the idea from Tron?

Howeeever I was honestly impressed at the level of graphics. Aside from having too many illustration styles (that made things even more confusing), the attention to detail was almost worthy of a year 2000+ movie and it was only made better by my existing obsession with retro-future graphics. It appears that Tron was just.. well ahead of it’s time.


I’ve also embedded the youtube video for the trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it (you should be ashamed of yourself if you haven’t already). Please spare a few minutes of your life to be blown away by a super slippery visual blowjob.

P/S: Since we’re on the topic of Tron, I’ve got an aaaawesome remix of the Tron Legacy theme song by Daft Punk:

Daft Punk- Tron Legacy Theme (John Roman Remix).mp3



Randomly came across Julien Duquesnoy‘s CG rendering of the bike from Biomega and I think it got me a little wet. Yeh ok, I’m gonna go wank now.


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