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T in The Park 2010

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Music, Photoblog! by Ade Chong on July 18, 2010

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Faaaaaark T in The Park was only one of the best experiences in my life. Seriously, the 8+1 hour coach, hours of transit time, scary toilets, cold, rain, sleet and mud were all so worth it. Kinross really succeeded at both entertaining and tripping us out. It has to have been one of the weirdest – but fun – experiences in my life. People were drunk/high/passed out by noon, there were straight boys who cross-dressed, zentai people running around and even a guy wandering around in his undies at 13 degrees in the rain. Intoxicated people are just so much fun to watch.

Hope u guys are ready for a super-long post. I’ve even selected an awesome song for the soundtrack:

Day One (Thursday) – Transit in Edinburgh + arriving at the campsite

It was sooo awesome so see Miss Maru Mang again, even if she looked like this.

Having a ‘full Scottish breakfast’ at Edinburgh.

The kickass view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill. (Click image to see full-size image.)

The campsite was faaaaking intimidating when we got there, it was just a sea of tents.

The first time we ever partied with raincoats, water bottles and torchlights/lamps. Fucking glam.

Day Two (Friday) – The festival site opens

  • The Temper Trap, La Roux, Hot Chip & Muse

Male nurse, anyone?

In the name of beauty – and getting laid – we decided to paint each others’ faces.

The festival site!! (Click image to see full-size image.)

Nua-ing on the grass by the main arena.

La Roux was aaaawesome, she has an amazing voice live!

Mavis looking super-sexy with flower-print wellies and her raincoat tied arnd her waist. Very high-fashion.

I love the green stockings he’s wearing.

Hot Chip, also surprisingly fantastic! They amped up their set to be extra diu diu.

Muse blew us away. They were by far the best gig of the entire festival.

Day Three (Sat)

  • DJ Yoda, Fourtet, Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys, Stereophonics, Mumford & Sons

Our really ghetto breakfast.

Fucking cold, windy, rainy and muddy.

Fourtet, who had to be the underdog of the festival. First time I ever appreciated minimal/progressive. And his visuals were soooo good, it was just eye-rape.

Vampire Weekend who were so happy that we didn’t care about the rain!

Guy wandering around in his panties + the portatoilets. This one wasn’t the worst I saw btw!

Mud-face-painting during Stereophonics.

Mumford & Sons who were yet another favourite of the festival! I think I got converted from moderate to big fan.

Day Four (Sun)

  • Billy Talent, Pan Pot, Andrew Weatherall & Ivan Smagghe, Crookers, The Cribs, Empire of The Sun, Goldfrapp & Kasabian

Feeling pretty hungry & miserable in the rain waiting for the festival site to open for the day.

We decided to be stereotypes.

Where I belong.

Pan Pot (Dj)

Mavis said she felt very hurt for our race every time she saw dumped noodles.

Andrew Weatherall & Ivan Smagghe

The Slam Tent. It may look bright an sunny outside but 348738473847 people are raving in there.

Crookers came on and all the boys started stripping.

And the girls too.

This is only disturbing because I actually think he’s straight. Jon, u have competition.

Empire of The Sun who, apart from having a great set/props, was pretty boring.

People passed out in the middle of the path.

What looked like 3284673280946435239048 people watching Jay-Z at the main stage (eeeeeeeeee!!).

Goldfrapp who was awwweessoommmee.


Day 5 – Back to Edinburgh

The post-festival mess. We agreed that they should just bomb the whole airfield instead of cleaning it up.

Back to civilisation!

Mang & I decided to find a quiet park to make-out.

Wok In Chinese Takeaway. So witty!

Saw this sign and thought of CBCO. Love!

There’s also about a hundred more photos from T in The Park on fb if u wanna check them out!


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  1. David Lang said, on July 25, 2010 at 09:40

    fucking awesome update, ade!

  2. […] miss my family in London. I miss festivals. I miss my family in KL. I miss my old friends. I miss Curtain Road. I miss traveling. And I […]

  3. crowsus said, on July 20, 2012 at 23:02

    Hi, just came across your photos looking for T pics, they are great! I was there the whole weekend in 20120 as well, had a great time, glad you guys did too! Some weird things you come across, you’ve captured the feeling of the festival so well! Nice! Good memories.

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