Is it nice..?

London ’10

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on July 7, 2010

It’s funny cause, I was expecting leaving to be really hard but.. it turned out to be quite ok. Probably because we partied ourselves out for the past two months and we were just too worn out to be sad. But.. London has been really great so far. The weather has been f-ing superb, and I’ve been busy catching up with people that I met anywhere between 3-9 years ago. It’s all been quite a lazy-hazy-blur and I’ve really been bouncing back and forth between what I want to do.

Well. Guess I’m gonna be partying for at least another month while Steph & Mei are here. But.. it’s honestly been a fuckin’ good time. I’ve just been shopping, eating & partying (way too much for a hobo like me) and just.. i dunno, mostly just catching up and talking shit. It’s weird cause London doesn’t feel like a new environment to me, more like just… catching up with old friends. WHERE THE FUCK ARE ALL THE HOT BRIT BOYS?!


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