Is it nice..?

iamamiwhoami – n

Posted in Arty, Is it Nice..?, Music, Videos by Ade Chong on June 3, 2010

iamamiwhoami just released their new video ‘n’ yesterday. Glad to see that they’re just getting weirder and weirder. I keep expecting to feel a certain level of pretentiousness from them, especially because they’re so out there, but I don’t. I guess the fact that they’re anonymous just makes them seem a lot more real, and I can appreciate just how much work goes into their sets, as simple as they may look.

Love the subtle use of sexual innuendos in their videos (like cups of thick, white fluid or white sap flowing from an suggestive-looking tree) and i shan’t leave out the recent use of fire-alarm titties in the screenshot below!


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