Is it nice..?

Computer says no.

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Quotes by Ade Chong on April 20, 2010

Left for the office at 8.30am this morning just cause I was so bored at home. I don’t really know what to do with myself without a computer. Anyways, had a conversation with Jimmy + Keris (and later on, June) about the terrible evening traffic.

Me: I think cabs, planes and helicopters should be the only acceptable forms of public transport.
Me: OR! They should make jetpacks!
Jimmy: I can’t see jetpacks ever working.
Jimmy: Karen’s obsessed with flying cars. But I don’t see that working, there are alr so many traffic accidents on the ground.
Me: No la.. they can fly at different heights what.
Me: I’m sure they can find a way to organise it, like ERP.
Jimmy: For different heights! Then the highest altitude will be the most expensive.

Keris: I’m really excited for teleportation.
Jimmy: Yeaaaaaaaaaahhh…… but, u know, u could end up missing half your body on the other side.
June: There needs to be a powerful way to compress all the molecules.
Jimmy: Zip la.
Jimmy: Then if the other side has no winzip, you’re fucked.

Jimmy: Then if you’re really fat you’ll need to use yousendit. HAHAHAHA

Jimmy: Must backup also.. in case you get corrupted along the way.

Jimmy: (very seriously) .. yeah, okay, I can really see this working in the future.



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