Is it nice..?

We like, we like to party!

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..?, Photoblog! by Ade Chong on March 5, 2010

So there was like, no way that we were gonna let February end without a bang. A fucking big one to be exact. Considering that Feb had gotten off to a slow start, I’m glad to report that it eventually accelerated into full-fledged CNY drunkedness for my lovely friends in Singapore while I was off terrorizing Malaysians on the north-south highway, going fully indie (see: uncultured, unsophisticated and primitive) on my exploration of my hometown, stuffing my face and drinking <$2 beers.

There were several things to celebrate on the 19th of Feb, my birthday, Jules’s and Sal’s farewell and obviously, my return to civilisation. I was fully geared to catch up with my Singaporean counterparts, and the best way to do that was book a table at Butter, convince Adrian to give me about 20 spaces on the guestlist and buy some fuckyeah amounts of alcohol. It was awesome.

What’s a party without copious amounts of alcohol?

So Dolce & Gabbana.

I have the most irreplaceable friends in the world. I don’t know what I’d do without them <3


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