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DIY Silkscreen Tutorial

Posted in Arty, CBCO, Fashion, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on February 28, 2010

Last night was the absolute bomb, but I’ll get to that in another post. People have been asking about my cheap & effective method of silkscreening, so here’s a quick tutorial.

My method is slightly different from the traditional silkscreen method. That method is much more expensive and time consuming. However, if you are planning to make a few/large quantities of the same t-shirt, then you should use the traditional method. My method is cheap and good for single t-shirts.

So, these are most of the things that I got together for the project

  1. A design (you’re going to have to cut it out so choose something simple)
  2. A plain t-shirt
  3. Silkscreen paint
  4. A ruler
  5. A pencil
  6. Double-sided tape
  7. A brush
  8. A pair of scissors
  9. A good, sharp penknife
  10. A large piece of cardboard

I bought my silkscreen paint from Art Friend at Takashimaya, i really can’t remember how much it was but it wasn’t expensive. Anyways, my tub’s totally like, expired. But it still works.

So, I found an unwanted cardboard box, cut it open and fitted a large piece inside my tee, to keep it stretched out and flat. The fabric should be taut but not stretched.

For this one, I decided to freehand it and draw my design on art paper. But you can also print out your graphic and cut it out. There’s some information on that at the end of this article.

Some important tips: use a ruler to estimate how big u want the graphic to be on your tee before you print or start drawing.

The next thing I did was cut the graphic out and apply double-sided tape to the back. I made sure to tape ALL around the graphic so that there wouldn’t be any gaps between the paper and the cloth. It might be easier for u to tape the back before you start cutting too, depending on the type of design.

Once I cut my design out, I placed the template on the tee and marked where I wanted the template to go.

Once that was done, I removed the double-sided tape and stuck down my template. I also put an extra layer of masking tape around the edges, just in case the paint got messy.

Painting is the easy part. I just used a generous amount of paint to coat the fabric and then left it to dry for a few hours.

Panda tee! Once the paint is dry u can easily remove the template. The whole process took under an hour, excluding the drying time.

I also had a small silkscreening workshop at Andrew’s last night, over many drinks and The Lair (BEST SHOW EVER). See. It’s super easy. If Priya can do it, anyone can. HAHA These are some of the designs we did.

Let me just say that. TEXT IS A FUCKING BITCH TO CUT OUT. Omg. I caved and left it at “Girls just wanna” (at Andrew’s recommendation), which I actually kinda like better.



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  1. Ben said, on March 1, 2010 at 01:20

    Nice! I used to silkscreen using photo-emulsion and flood lights method and it took me all day! But that was for a more complicated design, your method looks simpler and it works! I should start playing with this method one of these day.

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