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Florence & The Machine + The XX at The Esplanade!

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..?, Music, Photoblog!, Videos by Ade Chong on February 8, 2010

Florence + The Machine – I’m Not Calling You A Liar

Florence + The Machine – The Dog Days Are Over

Florence + The Machine at the Esplanade was a fucking fantastic show. I looooove that she throws herself around in sky-high heels and she’s just so adorable! And HER VOICE! srsly blew me away. And I’m so stoked that Prah & I scored front row seats, we were leaning on the stage and we even got to touch her hand! Please look at our FUCKYEAHWEARETOUCHINGTHESTAGE! photo below.

Anyways, here’re some photos from the show!

The XX – Crystalised

The XX – Infinity

The XX was fucking fantastic too, tho’ the bass nearly killed us. We were standing right next to the speakers that i think were like 2 storeys high. But still, fucking good show. Love the fact tt they are so unassuming and humble, not like other 19-year-old bands.


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