Is it nice..?

Craft Night!

Posted in Arty, CBCO, Fashion, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on February 8, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, CBCO can actually be fucking productive when we want to be. Even though Weiming & Jules both thought that we’d just fuck it all up and end up getting wasted together, Craft Night turned out to be a huge success. Weiming shortened the strap and silkscreened a tote bag, Jules mirrored a bag and I mirrored some leggings.

John Galliano sewing away.

Weiming being a total fag (this is the original bag)

The easy way to silkscreen!

The arty Black Box Bag (inspired by Priya)

Jules researching on mirroring methods

Cutting up the CDs. Btw, oops tips tips tips for those of you who are planning to try this, pirated CDs (like Jules’s shitty ashley simpson CD) splinter like fuck, no matter how long you soak it in hot water. Tip #2, please don’t be dumbasses like Jules and I – cutting up CDs is fucking hard work and I have a blister to prove it – just buy some mirrored tiles from Art Friend. According to WM they are really cheapy!

Our cut-up CDs, see how many of them have splinters -_-

My mirrored knee-patch leggings!

Jules’s completed mirrored bag.



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