Is it nice..?


Posted in Is it Nice..?, Quotes by Ade Chong on January 9, 2010

Friend: Fuckkk I have to go to work later
Sal: What time do u start work?
Friend: 5.
Sal: wtf dude it’s 5.40
Friend: Yeah i know…. ngehhh

Friend: It’s okay la, I alr told my boss.
Sal: What did he say?
Friend: He wants me to buy lemons and pears, so should be okay la.
Sal: Wait, lemons I get, cos it’s a bar. But what do u use pears for?
Friend: Nah he just wants to eat them.

Friend: Fuck it’s 6, I’m late for work.
Ade: HAHA dude u were already late when u got here
Sal: Just go dude, I’ll walk u down.
Friend: Nah it’s ok, I wanna finish the episode of Family Guy.

HAHA This kid’s so awesome.


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