Is it nice..?

Doctor doctor! I hit a landmine!

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Friday night had us coming up with more retarded ways to entertain ourselves, including skits, face masks, beer, vodka, majong, poker, many many cigarettes and skype with Moo!

Mavis, we miss you!!

More pics up on fb & fuckyeahindianfriend soon!


DPA has gone live!

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The DP Architects site has finally gone live! This is a project tt we started i think.. nearly a year ago, so I’m pretty stoked tt it’s finally up. I didn’t hv tt much to do with this project other than the early brainstorming, designing the globes, under Projects > Sort by.. etc and directing the photoshoot. The general art direction went back and forth between Karen & the client quite a bit :|

Programming by Ben & (i think) Roland.

Visit the site here!

Fluid’s gone live!

Posted in Arty, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on January 29, 2010

Just to update, Manic’s released one of our recent projects, Fluid. Fluid’s a high-end production company based in Singapore, they host an umbrella of 5 directors who shoot anything from documentaries to (extremely) high-budget commercials. Coincidentally, this is also June’s first AS3 (action script 3) website, lots of cool features here and it does not resize your browser. Art direction by me (:


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So 2009

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During our sharing meeting today (to update everyone on our latest projects), Jong was explaining how she managed to get the mobile site for Bodyshop to run.

“So, if u key in the URL in your phone, u can see how it’ll look. But.. if you try to access this site on a really old phone, like the kind with buttons, it looks like shit.”


Isn’t it scary tt I actually kinda agree with her? Buttons are so 2009.

Manic’s 10th! (pt. 2)

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I did an earlier post on Manic’s new site. Just thought I’d update u guys with the namecards we completed last year to coincide with our 10th Anniversary this year! (:

The namecards were done with two pieces of paper stuck together. The front is cream with blind embossing for the Manic logo, the back is hot stamped with gold foil. We also had the cards edge-gilded in gold. PRETTAYE!!

P/S: Did the lovely lighting in the photos with the cigarette pack flash diffuser tt David linked me (:

P/P/S: Do check out David’s new site, it’s looking really good!!

The future of America

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It’s fucking grim. And to be honest, I can actually see this happening. The US health officials have already noted that obesity is occurring mostly in youths. And we’re not talking about chubby kids, we’re talking about 200kilos+ okay, the guy in this video actually makes Jules look like an ethiopian child.

Prah: His naked body IS SO FUCKING SHOCKING
Prah: like my jaw just dropped k
Ade: IKR!!
Ade: srsly, he makes jules look like a supermodel
Prah: hahahah
Ade: nono
Ade: more like an ethiopian child
Prah: yea la
Prah: we’ll all just be like dust next to him

Ade: Fuck la.
Ade: Someone should just shoot him.
Prah: bullet cannot reach his heart

Hello hell points!!

P/S: This video totally reminds me of Wall-E

Is it just me..?

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or are Shiba Inus really in right now? (so much so that I’d feel retarded if I said I’d always loved them)



Visual Acoustics: Julius Shulman

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“One things my mentor noticed about my photographs was that the equal balance of light in all my photographs. For example, the external light on one wall was always equal to that of artificial light on the other wall … Look at this picture, this here is natural light, God. This here is my light, me. God and me.” – Julias Shulman

Just wanted to take some time to post about the latest Design Film Festival screening I saw, Visual Acoustics. It’s a documentary on Julias Shulman, the most famous architectural photographer in the world. He captured the work of nearly every modern and progressive architect since the 1930s including Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, John Lautner and Frank Gehry. These are architects who were at the forefront of the modernist movement throughout Southern California (LA) and in fact, most of the western world, homes that – because of him – found their way into the public eye. Anyways, for those of you who aren’t familiar with any of those names, some of their houses have been featured in popular films – these are the only two I remember – Charlie’s Angels (FUCKING NICE!!) and Twilight (The Cullen House).

“It’s a good business to be in. You let all the architects do the heavy lifting, and then you just take nice pictures.” – Julias Shulman

It was a pretty interesting film, especially because he was so quirky, even in his 90s. Anyways, I’m glad they managed to finish the documentary. He passed away last July at the age of 99.

“The least important thing in photography is the camera.” – Julias Shulman

Check out the other Design Film Festival screenings.

Cat fail

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA i don’t know why but i can’t stop laughing at this!


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