Is it nice..?

We got so wasted that..

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Quotes by Ade Chong on November 27, 2009

Sam: eh i call you on your phone
Sam: my fingers are damn heavy
Sam: it hurts to type

After talking on the phone for 30 minutes,

Sam: wah
Sam: now my throat is tired
Sam: fingers still heavy
Sam: let’s communicate by telepathy
Ade: much effort
Ade: typing
Sam: yes
Sam: let’s just one word chat
Ade: k
Ade: drunk
Sam: right
Sam: still
Sam: yes
Ade: stoned
Ade: cock
Ade: want

Sam: Eh, I really don’t remember anything after we got to Tabs
Ade: Are u serious? We were there most of the night
Sam: Who were we with?
Ade: Aloy was with us most of the time
Sam: Are you serious? The whole night, I only saw you.

Ade: eh u know
Ade: i got in the cab
Sam: yes?
Ade: and on the way back
Ade: we kept stopping at traffic lights
Ade: and i told myself to concentrate daaaaaaamn hard on the traffic light
Ade: and i could see 2 of everything
Ade: and i tried to make it 1 of everything

Ade: … at maxwell
Sam: We were at maxwell?
Ade: Yeh we had supper, remember?
Sam: We had supper?
Ade: Yeah with Jake & Aloy
Sam: We were at maxwell?
Ade: Saaaaaaaaaaam… remember i was queuing for bah chor mee and u told me to buy from the other stall?
Ade: And then we stood there and both of us couldn’t stand straight and we were laughing at each other?
Sam: OHHH i remember telling u to order from the other stall
Sam: Then it makes sense that we had supper.


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  1. Sam said, on November 28, 2009 at 00:21

    Am I the only person you talk to these days? PREE IS BACK! Tops!

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