Is it nice..?

Because i really am bored

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on November 29, 2009

A long meme for you, tagged by Moo. I tried to answer everything in one word but some were just too hard (i like).

I shall tag Sam, cos he’s the only other one who still blogs and is bored (and will most likely have quite good answers).

where is your phone?

your hair?

your mother?

your father?

your favourite food?

your dream last night?

your favourite drink?

your dream/goal?

what room are you in?

your hobby?

your fear?

where do you want to be in 6 years?

where were you last night?

something that you’re not?


wish list item?
Gold Casio Watch

where did you grow up?

last thing you did?

what are you wearing?
a giant levis shirt

your tv?

your pets?
Adorable but old

i fucking love them

your life?

your mood?

missing someone?
i am always missing someone

my most beloved RVF

something you’re not wearing?

your favourite store?
7-eleven HAHAHAH

your favourite colour?
argggggggghhhhhh U CANNOT MAKE ME CHOOSE!!

the last time you cried?
wah. Hmm… i think when i broke up with Sal

your best friend?
In Sydney ):

one place that i go to over and over?

i am a fb junkie

favourite place to eat?
the crotch


We got so wasted that..

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Quotes by Ade Chong on November 27, 2009

Sam: eh i call you on your phone
Sam: my fingers are damn heavy
Sam: it hurts to type

After talking on the phone for 30 minutes,

Sam: wah
Sam: now my throat is tired
Sam: fingers still heavy
Sam: let’s communicate by telepathy
Ade: much effort
Ade: typing
Sam: yes
Sam: let’s just one word chat
Ade: k
Ade: drunk
Sam: right
Sam: still
Sam: yes
Ade: stoned
Ade: cock
Ade: want

Sam: Eh, I really don’t remember anything after we got to Tabs
Ade: Are u serious? We were there most of the night
Sam: Who were we with?
Ade: Aloy was with us most of the time
Sam: Are you serious? The whole night, I only saw you.

Ade: eh u know
Ade: i got in the cab
Sam: yes?
Ade: and on the way back
Ade: we kept stopping at traffic lights
Ade: and i told myself to concentrate daaaaaaamn hard on the traffic light
Ade: and i could see 2 of everything
Ade: and i tried to make it 1 of everything

Ade: … at maxwell
Sam: We were at maxwell?
Ade: Yeh we had supper, remember?
Sam: We had supper?
Ade: Yeah with Jake & Aloy
Sam: We were at maxwell?
Ade: Saaaaaaaaaaam… remember i was queuing for bah chor mee and u told me to buy from the other stall?
Ade: And then we stood there and both of us couldn’t stand straight and we were laughing at each other?
Sam: OHHH i remember telling u to order from the other stall
Sam: Then it makes sense that we had supper.

Dear Secret Santa

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Dear Secret Santa,

I would like a retro Casio watch, kinda like the one Mavis has, in gold. I think it’s about $20-$30 from Mustafa (If there’s a few to choose from, I’d prefer one without a calculator, and one tt’s not too big. Shape doesn’t matter.)


Anyways, if there’s leftover cash, I’ve got a list of things i wouldn’t mind having, but if there’s not enough money for that or if it’s too much trouble, just get me whatever u want. Condoms, sex toys, a $2-hoe, also can.

  1. Ash Stymest (i will be your bitch for eternity if you get me this)
  2. A black slouchy top (WITHOUT ANY GAY PRINTS ON IT PLS, pictures of sex organs are OK) – Slouchy top reference here. UK size 10 should be safe
  3. Glittery/gold/interesting leggings – think I saw some at topshop (if u are XB or Jon, please get one of the girls to pick for u)
  4. A copy of American Psycho (book not movie)
  5. Other cool watches mustafa might have for cheap, if any

Fuck I really can’t think of anything else, I really just want the Casio. Whatever u wanna get me with the change doesn’t really matter. Next year can we please change the budget to minimum $1k?


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Who is this boy and why do I want him so bad? I only know him as ‘Josh‘.

[via tiffanydeenise]

It’s not the hormones

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I can’t stop surfing fashion blogs and stalking indie male models.

Original image by Hans Ericksson.

All i want for christmas is…

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Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is… preferably something edible:

Ash Stymest

Cole Mohr

Sean Opry

Marcel Castenmiller

Danny Schwartz

Matt Gordon

My favourite casts

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The Office

More stunning photography, this time by London’s St. Martin’s graduate, Gavin Bond. Gavin built his reputation during the ’90s backstage at some of the fashion world’s biggest runway shows. His portfolio features heaps of sizzling supermodels and top celebs from Bono and Aerosmith to Coldplay and The Killers. Be sure to check the rest of his work out here.






Victoria Secret’s Angels

Johnny Knoxville


Ffffound it!

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Absolutely stunning.


Quote 18/11

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From one of my fav DCFC songs, Title and Registration.


There’s a stormy cloud over my head

Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on November 16, 2009

This has to be the cutest thing since circus mice. Definitely cheered me up. I don’t know why but I’m in such a grouchy mood today.

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