Is it nice..?

Funny Conversations

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Quotes by Ade Chong on October 23, 2009

Ade: i’m hoping to do some shooting on halloween
David: nice
David: charbee that shit
David: it’s almost scary to think what you guys would be for halloween
David: i have visions of like
David: giant indian vaginas
David: hariy gay cocks
Ade: ahhahahahaha that’s a regular day for us
David: i guess a cock would be no gayer than the next
Ade: oh god i saw wm’s full frontal the other day okay
David: WHOA
David: scary or not
Ade: and he didn’t shave
Ade: it still haunts me
David: freaky….
David: i must admit i don’t shave either
David: i trim though
Ade: ya at least trim
David: shaving seems weird
Ade: whyyyy
Ade: shaving is awesome
David: cuz then you have to keep shaving
Ade: i just shave once a week
David: like if you don’t shave and the hairs are super short
David: you look like a boy just going thru puberty again
Ade: hahahahahahahahahah
Ade: i think trimming is fine
Ade: it’s just a lot more lei chey than shaving
David: nah man
David: like upkeeping a japanese garden
David: mantain zen on your dick
Ade: nice analogy
Ade: i’m not really fussy, as long as it’s neat
Ade: every man should manscape
David: manscape hahahhahahahahahahahah

I like that I have friends whom I can have a casual conversation with about pubes (:


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