Is it nice..?

Quotes 20/10

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..?, Quotes by Ade Chong on October 20, 2009

Jenny’s welcome e-mail to the new guy –

Welcome to Manic Roland! yes please be prepared to be corrupted by Ade.and the rest of us are all very naice and we don’t bite (besides rent)

Ade: jenny ur english damn awesome la
Ade: hahahahaa
Jenn: whyyyyyyy
Jenn: the email is it
Ade: yessssss
Ade: hahahah
Ade: u know that Ren is spelled as ‘Ren’ not ‘Rent’ right?
Jenn: OH!I’VE ALWAYS THOUGHT HER NAME IS RENT, and i was wondering how come her name is rent so weird

Btw, Jenny has been with us for about a year already. Also, had a really nice birthday dinner for Weiming last night at Sushi Tei Paragon followed by drinks at No. 5.

[After the waitress decided she did not know how to advise us on which sake to order, Priya arrives]
WM: Hey Prah! Do you know anything about sake?
Prah: No, I just drink it.


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