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Good Girls / Bad Girls

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hurhur so true!



Lord of the Flies

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These modern illustrations for Lord of the Flies just blew me away, I particularly love the cover (though you probably won’t get it unless u’ve read the book). So simple and clever!

More wants!

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ASICS Dan Gable wrestling shoes

I so want a pair of boxing boots (please excuse the ugly, hairy legs). Please Santa, please please, i want!

I’ve made a list of shops I shall visit this weekend to look for a nice pair; Nike, Puma, Adidas and Asics.

The Horrorween Mix

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Great new mix by Inquisitive – The Horrorween Mix. Not as heavy as his Thriller mixes but good enough to dance to. And he kicked it off with one of my favourite La Roux tracks, I’m Not Your Toy.

I need to club……

Silence is frowned upon

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The Pick Up Headphones By WeSC – USD$55

H005-hero-514 copy

Nomadic Headphones by Nixon – USD$100 (the red and gold ones are to die for)


Beats by Dre fully customisable pick&mix headphones from Monster – USD249

I can’t stop browsing The Awesomer, it really is .. awesomer! So many gorgeous things, so little money. Anyone shopping for xmas presents (for me) yet? Cause I really really really want those red & gold nomadic headphones!

I just want, I just want

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Palmer & Sons Leather Suitcase No 03 XXS – US$460 incl shipping

Palmer & Sons Leather Workbag No. 11 – US$440 incl shipping

Hard Graft U Macbook Sleeve – EUR€79

Hard Graft 2UNFOLD Leather Laptop Bag – EUR€379.00

It’s funny how these days I seem to be getting turned on by inanimate objects. These bags are just so gorgeously sexy while being functional. How could anyone want anything more? It’s also funny how I’m more easily distracted by menswear than women’s. They just make better stuff for men! -_-


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Of late, – in particular, this week – I’ve come to several conclusions:

  1. I get manlier as each day passes
  2. My gayness level is almost always on par with my manly level
  3. I think I may never learn to wear/appreciate high heels
  4. Having a normal (serious/non-sexual/non-blasphemous) conversation these days is soooo difficult
  5. I do not know how to talk to religious people anymore
  6. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually terrible with money
  7. I no longer have any reaction to being called ‘skanky’ or ‘a whore’
  8. I’m a closet nun
  9. My desire for a good party is much greater than my desire to get laid
  10. David Bowie is my new hero

I feel like a very twisted person. I like it. HAHA

[image via fuckmelikethat]

Quotes 25/10

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Had a hot date with Jon last night since WM was 3 hours late cause of his rehearsals.

Jon: Can u please just decide where to go cos Ade & I are damn sick of this place.
Jon: We’ve fucked in every shop here already.

WM: HAHAHAHAHA then go Citylink lah, or Suntec
Jon: We parked here la, we don’t want to go too far away from our cars
Ade: Then we should just walk around our cars in the carpark

[After telling Jon & WM about how gay men have sex parties]
Jon: Man.. I wish our group was like that.
Jon: We should just all fuck everytime we meet
Jon: Aiyah just fuck the base, not the face.

Jon: EH i’ll deepthroat you okay
Jon: NO, i’ll deepthroat your windpipe
Ade: Please la, WM & I are pros already
Ade: You can even deepthroat me all the way down to my vadge
Ade: Then when it comes out of my vadge WM & I can scissor so tt u can do him in the ass at the same time

Jon: Yeah my friend’s a bottom, but he says he only gives blowies lei, he doesn’t have sex.
[insert O_O]
Are you sure he’s a bottom?
WM: How does he know if he hasn’t had sex before?
Jon: I don’t know la.. he said his bf fingered him once and he felt quite disturbed
WM: Nonono, you see, if you’re a bottom, it’s like ..  “OMG I MUST HAVE IT IN ME”
WM: It’s not poss to feel disturbed by it
WM: No bottom would ever say anything as blasphemous as that.

WM: I’m starting to get a tired of the whole casual sex thing..
Ade: Yeah…
WM: I mean, I’m starting to feel like..
WM: Sex is not meaningful without love
That’s very Karen Walker!

MTV overload

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Been coming across some great, dreamy videos online. This one’s Florence + the Machine’s remix of  You’ve Got the Love (originally by The XX <3)

[via Tashed]

Another dreamy/trippy video, the sort that you can just get lost in.

[via Mavis / BigStereo]

Also, just came across the portfolio of David Wilson, who also directed the music video for Little Boots Remedy. He’s got some srsly ace work. He also directed We Have Band’s You Came Out (below) – which I think I’ve posted before – that I personally think is one of the most interesting and unique videos I’ve seen of late.

[via itsnicethat]

Funny Conversations

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Ade: i’m hoping to do some shooting on halloween
David: nice
David: charbee that shit
David: it’s almost scary to think what you guys would be for halloween
David: i have visions of like
David: giant indian vaginas
David: hariy gay cocks
Ade: ahhahahahaha that’s a regular day for us
David: i guess a cock would be no gayer than the next
Ade: oh god i saw wm’s full frontal the other day okay
David: WHOA
David: scary or not
Ade: and he didn’t shave
Ade: it still haunts me
David: freaky….
David: i must admit i don’t shave either
David: i trim though
Ade: ya at least trim
David: shaving seems weird
Ade: whyyyy
Ade: shaving is awesome
David: cuz then you have to keep shaving
Ade: i just shave once a week
David: like if you don’t shave and the hairs are super short
David: you look like a boy just going thru puberty again
Ade: hahahahahahahahahah
Ade: i think trimming is fine
Ade: it’s just a lot more lei chey than shaving
David: nah man
David: like upkeeping a japanese garden
David: mantain zen on your dick
Ade: nice analogy
Ade: i’m not really fussy, as long as it’s neat
Ade: every man should manscape
David: manscape hahahhahahahahahahahah

I like that I have friends whom I can have a casual conversation with about pubes (:

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