Is it nice..?

10-20 things you should know

Posted in CBCO, Is it Nice..?, Quotes by Ade Chong on September 29, 2009

In typical CBCO fashion, we had to cure our boredom creatively, hence we decided to test each other to find out things that each sexuality would not know but should know in order to get laid more often.

1. The Straight Girl Test: Name 20 Car Brands

Priya: 10/10 (though she struggled hard)
Weishan: 18/20

[on ecouraging Prah to think of more]
Ade: You should know this ok, guys love girls who know cars. You can get more cocks!
Priya: What are you talking about [cups her breasts vigorously], I HAVE THESE! THESE GET ME COCKS.

2. The Fag Test: Name 10 Football Clubs

Ade: 5/10
Weiming: 9/10

3. The Straight Guy Test: Name 20 Designer Brands

Jon: 19/20 (took him about half an hour)

Jon might’ve succeeded at this if he hadn’t said BEN SHERMAN for the his 20th brand. HAHAHHAHAAHAHAH

Also in typical CBCO fashion, this quickly spiraled out of control into full-of-shit-ness;

Priya: Fuck u guys ok, I bet you guys can’t name 10 Hindu Gods/Goddesses

Ade: SURE CAN ONE. Shiva (1)
Ade: Krisna (2)..
Weiming: Curry (3)
Ade: Cows (4)
Ade: Buffaloes (5)
Jon: The Verge (6)
Ade: Mustafa (7)
Ade: Komium (8)
Jon: Potu (9)
Weiming: Ghandi (10), THERE 10 OK.



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