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Hello, Music Junkies

Posted in Is it Nice..?, Music by Ade Chong on September 16, 2009

You know how girls just love to match-make their friends? I’ve never seen the attraction. But today, I think I found that side of me. I think my new thing is sharing music and hooking up DJs. I’ve become a complete mixtape junkie and I’ve been sharing the love with everyone I know :D

So, I know most of you have already heard me rave about Inquisitive‘s mixes but I’m gonna pop them up here for everyone else.

I recommend his Thriller Vol 3: Truth Hurts mix (above) and his OMGIT (Oh my god, it’s techno) Supermix (click the link to download) , great stuff. I’ve also been in touch with Travis cause I think Inquisitive deserves a spot on Big Stereo. See how it goes eh?


Also, I know I’m gonna sound like I’m promoting Butter’s DJs but Dave Does just released a new mixtape here that’s pretty sweeeeet.. tho’ I prefer his welcome back switch mix. I’m all for local talent these days, aren’t I?

And for the last note, remember how I raved about the best electro night ever at Club Culture, Bangkok? It was honestly the most insane night ever, I could’ve been alone and stone sober and still partied the night away. We danced from the moment we stepped in, till the lights came on! Anyways, Kev (whom I know through Steph) was the one spinning. So I’ve made it a personal mission to get him to guest DJ at Butter when he’s back next. In fact, I’ve already put in the good word, just waiting for him to send me his mixtape. I’m psyched! He so deserves to get out there! See, my new thing! I’m so gonna get him famous ok :D


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