Is it nice..?

Strictly for CBCO.. and the rest of you.

Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on September 5, 2009

Just got an e-mail from David with some fuckin awesome links. You guys must check these out.

DISCLAIMER – HIGHLY NSFW: This is intended for CBCO only (there is a good reason why I’m posting links and not putting up thumbnails), but I did not want to deny the other sick fucks out there from awesomeness so, if you think you deserve – no wait – earned your place in hell and are planning to party it up with us there, you should see these. To any minors, well, same rules apply. Click only if you are a sick fuck.

Awesome One

Awesome Two

Awesome Three

Awesome Four

Awesome Five (This one’s for Jon)

Awesome Six

Awesome Seven

Awesome Eight

Awesome Nine

Awesome Ten

Awesome Eleven

Awesome Twelve

Ok there’s just too much awesomeness, I can’t list them all down. Check out more here.

And something for the kids:

[via David Lang <- founder of the most random interwebz shitz ever]


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