Is it nice..?

I’m so risque!

Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on August 13, 2009

In the past week, I’ve been rejected from my airline, flat broke twice in 3 days (am now in debt by $500), drunk too much and slept too little, earned 8 new kilos of shopping, saw a gay sex show, had lady boys crown us their fag hags, had dream boys offer us free sex, become fully-qualified fags, met a million new people, partied like a rockstar, drank vodka and jagermeisters from the bottle, shot 4 rolls of film, and upgraded to a highly glamorous hotel. Tomorrow we’re going to take a drive to the beach, hire a yatch and spend all day out at sea getting high. And every night we’re partying it up in bangkok!!

On one hand I so badly want to be practical but on the other, this is the fuckin life!

p/s: Cosmic Gate is on this saturday at Zouk. Mei’s last night in town + a fckn awes dj = please come! (sorry i’m highly incoherent now.. too little sleep, see you bitches on saturday!)


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