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Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on June 28, 2009

Growing up as a pet-loving kid, I used to fantasise about the day I got my own dog. Steph and I would spend hours everyday poring over books about dogs and cats and horses and whatnot. In that sense I think I may have achieved the holy 10,000th hour of animal trivia. However, I was surprised as ever to come across a breed of dog that I had never seen/heard of before, the cute little puppy above. Looks a bit like a burmese mountain dog hmm? And you may think that it’s adorable and lovely but IT IS NOT!!! Behold the scary motherfucker that it grows into:

This terrifyingly monstrous dog is none other than the:



This dog was orginally created through gene/trait selection and careful breeding by the crazy russians. It’s one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world (HOW THE FUCK DID A GIANT LIKE THAT ESCAPE MY RADAR), extremely tough and extremely vicious. They are extremely loyal and fiercely protective of their owners. They normally only bond with one person IF they deem that person worthy enough to be it’s master; “Because they are so protective, they will not obey anyone they do not believe are superior to themselves. Usually they will only obey their master.” This dog was favoured by the psycho Russians to protect their land. They were also used by the Germans to guard the Berlin wall.

Honestly this scary mofo of a dog would make a pitbull look like a pet rabbit, it could chomp a double decker bus like a potato chip. If there is anything that you want to keep out of your house like a stalker-rapist, crocodiles, bears, military tanks, anything really, get one of these.


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  1. mavis said, on June 28, 2009 at 15:53

    what do women need for protection? a caucasian mountain dog.

    i watched the vid below. the woman breeder is fannoying. i wonder how the dogs cld tolerate her.

  2. Paul said, on December 6, 2010 at 07:03

    This, is worse than buying a pitbull for fighting. If you need protection that badly, you obviously can afford to leave the situation under which you’re being threatened.

  3. Marcy Marsh said, on January 26, 2012 at 12:37

    Being a very big dog lover,i think all these dogs are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kaitystardust said, on June 17, 2012 at 12:09

    i really hope you are not the owner of this dog. not all dogs are exactly like wikiquote tells you. pitbulls have a shitty stigma but some of the nicest dogs ive ever met were pits and it all had to do with how the owner raised him. i dont understand how you could literally “hate” on a dog breed and i REALLY hope you are not the owner of this dog i dont know what your blog is about i just saw this one entry and im really hoping you are just sharing a photo you found on the internet because anyone who would talk so nasty about their own pet is the one who should be put down

  5. Nart said, on July 29, 2017 at 05:51

    It is not a russain dog.. it is CAUCASSIAN CIRCASSIAN dog. It was breeded by Circassians in northern Caucasus mountains (Elbrus), to keep russians and other animals away. It is a Bear-Hunter creature, really .. and very dandgerous to have and raised in cities or cowded neighborhoods, it is really not a petty you can have, it is a terminator it is the CAUCASIAN DOG

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