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It is!

Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on June 7, 2009

i have moved

WordPress is so pretty! And here’s my first post to ruin all that:

This whole weekend has just been jam-packed. Saturday was spent getting high and then getting higher. Went over to Jules’s for lunch, watched Blades of Glory while we were high (awes!), then we met WM at Central for dinner and coffee. We eventually joined up with Priya, Clay, Germaine and Leroy and snagged a free bottle of ‘classy vodka’ – according to WM – at this new place in Liang Court where the male dancers were gross and shitty. We all got pretty high on that, and then it was topped off with a couple of beers. I also got punched in the eye by jules, but as a professional boxer, I recovered from it very quickly.

Then at 12 we went down to Butter for Poptart, where the queue was miles long, it went all the way to the river. But by a stroke of luck, we managed to cut the massive queue and get in free, cause we’re such well-connected little ho’s. I got in and realised all of a sudden that I’d lost my high completely, so I got a jug. We danced to shitty Beat music, got another jug, and another jug and then tequila shots and apple shooters. Then for some reason, at our highest of highness, we left and went to macs for supper. After which I nearly got raped by some random guy -_-

AND the next morning, my alarm went off at 11 for Superswap day. omgg.. I had such a bad hangover. I was still mildly drunk when I dragged myself out of bed. My eyes are all bloodshot and I could barely open them. Plus, I’m now sporting 4 new blisters on my ankles and toes, 2 of which developed and popped all in the span of last night.

Eventually we all appeared at Superswap looking like zombies. And it was such a huge success! After picking out each other’s new-old clothes, we spent most of the afternoon getting stoned. We lounged around until 6 and then went for dinner at Astons.

And the funny thing is that as tired as I am, I loved it. I want to party to the grave. hahahaha


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  1. newromantic said, on June 7, 2009 at 22:42

    YES WORDPRESS IS AWES!! welcome to this pretty ship (:

  2. Jules said, on June 8, 2009 at 00:03

    Your English is so shitty. It’s ‘I Might Have Stolen That’. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DUMBASS.

    • lithiumc said, on June 8, 2009 at 12:11

      hahahahaahha can also what! Anyways stole sounds nicer than stolen. HAHAAHAHAHAHA

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