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Yashica Roll 3

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Been trying to be more active in my photo-taking lately, so here’s the third roll off my Yashica. I’m absolutely loving the DOF and the roll of film I tried out yielded surprisingly vibrant colours. All the images were not edited in any way :D















I particularly love the colours in the last photo. Pics will be up on fb in a minute!


It’s all good

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Just came across this new video titled ‘Heartbreaker‘ by MSTRKRFT featuring John Legend. It’s not a spectacularly unique video but it does have some merits, particularly in the cinematography – though it’s borderlining on pretentiousness. Very nice track tho’! Directed by Vincent Haycock.

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Plus if that’s not satisfying enough for you, I’ve got some kickin’ music by the Tenderloins to chew your ears off with. Or download the track direct here.

Religion is a brain-eating bacteria

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Growing up as a pet-loving kid, I used to fantasise about the day I got my own dog. Steph and I would spend hours everyday poring over books about dogs and cats and horses and whatnot. In that sense I think I may have achieved the holy 10,000th hour of animal trivia. However, I was surprised as ever to come across a breed of dog that I had never seen/heard of before, the cute little puppy above. Looks a bit like a burmese mountain dog hmm? And you may think that it’s adorable and lovely but IT IS NOT!!! Behold the scary motherfucker that it grows into:

This terrifyingly monstrous dog is none other than the:



This dog was orginally created through gene/trait selection and careful breeding by the crazy russians. It’s one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world (HOW THE FUCK DID A GIANT LIKE THAT ESCAPE MY RADAR), extremely tough and extremely vicious. They are extremely loyal and fiercely protective of their owners. They normally only bond with one person IF they deem that person worthy enough to be it’s master; “Because they are so protective, they will not obey anyone they do not believe are superior to themselves. Usually they will only obey their master.” This dog was favoured by the psycho Russians to protect their land. They were also used by the Germans to guard the Berlin wall.

Honestly this scary mofo of a dog would make a pitbull look like a pet rabbit, it could chomp a double decker bus like a potato chip. If there is anything that you want to keep out of your house like a stalker-rapist, crocodiles, bears, military tanks, anything really, get one of these.


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Recently, I posted an entry titled ‘A very annoyed quote‘ about the horrors and appaling-ness of sites that resized my browser. Yesterday, I received a comment from a person titled ‘fiskhandlarn‘ with info on how to disallow sites to resize my browser.

Can I just say in response, I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE A GENIUS!

Follow the simple directions for a blissful and enjoyable eternity of web-surfing!

On Mac OSX:

  • Click on the Firefox menu, at the top left of the screen, and click on Preferences.
  • Then, click on Content. Click on Advanced next to ‘Enable Javascript’ then uncheck the “Move or resize existing windows”, and click OK.

On Windows: same as above, but first two steps is Tools > Options


Remember the time

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I couldn’t call myself the ultimate MJ fan, but I have stood by the fact that I love him even after he went downhill. I guess I was never around when any of the heroes of music passed, and it just came as a massive shock for me. I’m genuinely gutted.. I still can’t quite believe it. I can’t believe that I’ll never achieve my lifelong goal to see him live. When I got to work, everyone had already heard, Karen put him on the stereo and I felt something like tears welling up somewhere inside me. Of course I fought it down, only weird people cry when celebrities die.

Then again MJ was never a normal celebrity. I have a feeling that I’ll be walking around with a piece of lead in my gut all day. This is such a tragedy, and I suppose all I can say is to remember the time.

[news article] [article 2]

This you have to see

Posted in Is it Nice..? by Ade Chong on June 25, 2009

Something like a cross between a flying lizard and a chameleon, only 6 of these ‘Umbuku’ exist and they have been kept in captivity to avoid cross-breeding with their natural parents.


You may think that someone shaved their collie but they did not! This is actually the first of 3 ‘Dolion’s in the world, a genetic cross between a dog and a lion. This should be on Ripley’s, I reckon.


And lastly, the Lemurcat, to state the obvious, it’s a genetic cross between a lemur and a cat. These were produced as ‘exotic pets’ for the Chinese market.

It is (as the name suggests) a cross between a lemur and a cat. It retains the soft fur of the cat and the coloring, but has the striped tail and yellow eyes commonly found on a lemur. It is more ferocious than the average cat but it is generally no more dangerous than a Chihuahua dog.

[via Listverse]

I knew it!

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I was right when I told u guys I saw a porno with a man with two cocks. It’s not fake like you guys said it was!!

Diphallia (also known as Penile Duplication) is a condition in which a male is born with two penises. It is a rare disorder with only 1,000 cases recorded. Sufferers are also at a higher risk of spina bifida than men with one penis. A person with diphallia can urinate from one or both of his penises. In most cases, both penises are side by side and the same size, but occasionally one smaller penis will sit atop another larger one. One in 5.5 million men in the United States have two penises.

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I’m starting to really love..

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Listverse! I’m so hooked on it, and plus there’s an utterly interesting article that Jules sent me, Top 15 Bizarre True Stories.

Whirlwind Children

A nine-year old Chinese girl was playing in Songjian near Shanghai, in July 1992 when she was carried off by a whirlwind and deposited unhurt in a treetop almost two miles away. According to a wire report from May 1986, a freak wind lifted up 13 children in the oasis of Hami in Western China and deposited them unharmed in sand dunes and scrub 12 miles away.

Something Disturbing..

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Listverse just posted their latest list, Top 10 Fascinating And Notable Lobotomies.

It’s damn disturbing shit, on Sallie Ellen Ionesco’s lobotomy:

The first transorbital (ice pick) lobotomy was performed in 1946, also by Dr. Walter Freeman. Ionesco was a 29 year-old housewife and mother who was described as violently suicidal. In His Washington D.C. office, Freeman rendered Ionesco unconscious through electroshock. He then inserted an ice pick above her eyeball, banged it through her eye socket into her brain and then swirled it around in a sort of eggbeater motion to scramble the neural connections. The family considered the operation a success..

And Howard Dully, the youngest person ever to receive a lobotomy – at age 12 – was sent for one by his step-mother because he was “unbelievably defiant; and amongst other things: objected to going to bed and did a good deal of daydreaming.” He took decades to recover from the surgery; he was institutionalized, incarcerated, and was eventually homeless and an alcoholic.

When Dully was in his 50s he embarked on a two year journey to uncover what happened to him as a child. He spoke with his family and his relatives and other lobotomy patients of Dr. Freeman and gained access to Freeman’s archives. Dully was one of the youngest patients to receive an “ice pick” lobotomy and the first patient ever to obtain a picture of his own lobotomy. (pictured above)

We should all send our kids for lobotomies if they misbehave next time.

[via Listverse]

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